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February 13, 2012

menu plan monday : 2.13.12.


an easy to put together menu this week as two of my planned meals for last week got bumped due to schedule changes.  easy menus are good menus!

meatless monday : omlettes + hashbrowns.  i have some veggies that need to be used pronto.  it's breakfast for dinner night and i know i won't hear any complaints!

i've selected monday as a night of the week for our family to eat a meatless meal as it tends to be more budget friendly as well as a friendlier option for the environment. my meat and potato eating husband tends to go along with this idea because i also make him a yummy dessert in addition to his meatless meal. what can i say, i'm nice like that.

tuesday : pizza.  long gone are the days where my husband would make me dinner each valentine's day.  boo!  instead, we'll be celebrating with a heart shaped pizza i'll be picking up.  have i mentioned lately how much this baby likes pizza?  thought so.

wednesday : country club chicken.  this got bumped from last week's menu due to schedule changes but i'm still eager to give it a try.

thursday : enchilada casserole.  also bumped from last week's menu.  that's the good thing about menu planning.  even with bumping two meals from last week i still have everything on hand to make this week.  no problem.

friday : brown sugar chicken.  andy's parents and sister will be arriving in town to help move her into her new apartment.  everyone enjoys this and it will be ready when they arrive.  perfect!   



new recipe reviews from last week :

chicken tikka masala.  although it takes more effort than i typically care to put forth for a crockpot meal, it was indeed good.  and it also makes a lot.  it isn't spicy at all yet contains a lovely mix of spices.  will add this to our menu on occasion as it's andy's favorite indian dish.

green monster spinach smoothie.  so yes, not really a meal but i made it for dinner for me one day last week when the girls decided they wanted a "tray lunch" for dinner instead of what was originally planned.  i've made it for breakfast twice since.  as long as i don't look at it, it's super tasty.  something like a peanut butter banana shake.  only really green.  i let the girls take a sip and they both approved as well.


A heart shaped pizza! What a sweet idea! I found you via Menu Plan Monday!

oh! i wish we could do breakfast for dinner at least once a week. Or once a month even! Too bad my husband is not a fan of breakfast, even if it's actually for breakfast. :( boo.

that recipe for the green monster smoothy looks fabulous! I will definitely try it. Thanks for the recipe.

i JUST bought spinach tonight to get back into my morning smoothie routine. i am not a fan of banana's so i do: spinach, dollop of greek yogurt, frozen mango, blueberries (makes it less green and more brown though) and strawberries and a splash of unsweetened coconut milk. DELISH.

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