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March 5, 2012

menu plan monday : 3.5.12.



we've entered birthday season at our house.  C this week, L next week and andy just a few weeks after that.  to say we'll be high on birthday frosting soon is an understatement.  so this week's schedule is a bit chaotic with the actual big day and a birthday party for both of the girls this weekend.

monday : popcorn.  oh yes, we did.  or rather andy and i did.  and if you've never popped popcorn in bacon grease, you're missing out on one of the finer things in life.

tuesday : turkey stuffed peppers.  didn't get to these last week so on to this week's menu they go!

wednesday : C's choice.  i have a feeling she'll select "the flying buffalo" as her birthday dinner.  to all other people, that would be buffalo wild wings.  what every four year old would choose, right?

thursday : baked chicken caesar chalupas.  i've become addicted to this blog ever since finding her green monster smoothie recipe on pinterest.  these look scrumptious!

friday : crockpot bbq beer chicken.  my friend carron posted this on her menu this week and i instantly was adding ingredients to my grocery list.  it looks divine!  andy's parents will be in town to celebrate and it calls for an easy dinner as we prepare for the party the next day.



new recipe review from last week : 

quinoa + black beans.  meh.  it was okay but nothing over the top fabulous.  not something i'd add to our regular rotation.

beef + broccoli.  better than i thought it would be and couldn't be easier.  i halved the amount of chili paste as i knew that two tablespoons would be too spicy and it was still plenty spicy.  so much so that the girls ate it but drank a LOT of milk with it.  instead of rice, i served it over israeli couscous which the girls always devour.


I cannot wait to try the Baked Chicken Caesar Chalupas...thanks for mentioning it.

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